The IMDB page for The Summoning is now up! You can find it here. It's just the basic title page so far, but more information will be added as soon as they get around to it. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get all the information verified and posted, so stay tunned...

The schedule for this year's HPLFF has been finalized and posted. You can find it here. The Summoning is in 'Shorts Block 3', which also includes a discussion and answer session with the foremost Lovecraft scholar, S.T. Joshi. The world premeire will be Friday night at 9:30pm, and will also be showing Saturday night at 7pm, and again Sunday night at 9:30pm. If you make it down to the fest, please stop by our table and say hello....Cheers !!!

An exclusive stills gallery from The Summoning has been posted over at unfilmable.com, courtesy of Craig Mullins. Many thanks to Craig for hosting the page. We'll be adding more stills and other production photos to our site before Halloween.

We've posted a few excerpts from David's score over in the DOWNLOADS section. Stop by and enjoy!!! We'll try to get up some stills from the movie as soon as we can.

We're happy to report that the film is finished! We just sent off a final projection copy to the H.P Lovecraft Film Festival, and can't wait to see it on the big screen. Thanks again to everyone that helped out...we couldn't have done it without you all. We're starting work on promotional materials, as well as getting some more stuff posted on this here site, so check back soon.

The titles are done!!! We gave them the final once over this evening, and boy do they look good. Jenna has done an exceptional job, and they really fit the film well. Good work, Jenna! An example can be found over in the GALLERY.

After a long day of work, the score is now complete! David has done a great job on it, and it synchs up wonderfully. We are now adding it into the final edit and getting everything ready to go. We'll post a few excerpts soon, so check back. Good work, David!

First off, we'd like to wish our beloved benefactor, Mr. Lovecraft, a very joyous birthday. Without his work, we wouldn't be doing this film at all. In other news, we have wrapped up the last of the off-line editing, and are now moving forward with the the final editing. We are synching up the score, finalizing titles, applying film-look effects, and all that other good stuff. Stay tuned for more info...

Post Production rolls right along as we went over the layout for the titling this evening. Jenna has done some exceptional work, and these guys are gonna knock your socks off! They match the 1920's feel so well, they will really put the film over the top. They should be wrapped up in a week or so, and we'll try to post some samples then.

We received the first pass of the film's score today, and man is it awesome! It adds a whole new dimension to the film. David has done an amazing job. The majority of the score consists of character-themed piano parts, but it really kicks into high gear during the actual 'summoning' sequence, where a larger orchestral section begins. We'll post a few excerpts in the coming weeks.

We have just received official word that The Summoning has been accepted by the H.P Lovecraft Film Festival !!! Sooooo many thanks go out to all the people that helped us across the finish line. Stay tuned for dates and times!

We are pleased to announce that David Shepherd has signed on to the production to handle the scoring for the film. A long-time friend of Alan, he's a talented musician and composer, and we couldn't be happier to have him as part of the team.

A preliminary promotional poster can now be seen in the GALLERY. We'll add more stuff in the coming weeks. Cheers !!!

The Post-Production Script is now available on-line. You can access it from the menu at the left. Stay tuned for stills, production photos, and other goodies !

Well, after many computer problems, etc., we finally got off our submission for this year's H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Keep your tentacles crossed for us !!!

Well, it's a wrap !!! We squeezed off the last shot today of the curious entity Dr. Reid summoned over at Jim's house. The astute reader might realize that this is the self same basement seen in Pickman's Model. Thanks go out to Jim Serfling for not only having a ghoul well in his basement, but also conjured entities from the Outer Realms. Now it's time to finish up the next edit, and get it ready for the HPLFF. A Huge Thanks goes out to everyone that helped get us this far.

The Entity is finished! After much effort (and a lot of glue and stuffing), our little guy is ready for his big day. If everything goes according to plan, we should have it all wrapped up by Saturday. Thanks go out to Kelly Lapora for helping with his arms and his eye stalk.

The first official cut is now done. It clocks in at a surprising 16 minutes, much longer than we anticipated. Now it's time to trim, trim, trim! In other news, construction of the Entity nears completion!

Editing continues as we wish a very, scary birthday to Kelly Young !!! Without his help (and puppeteering skills), we'd never have gotten this far. Enjoy, Kelly !

Well, in honor of Max ("Nosferatu") Schrek's birthday, we officially began the editing process. We've started going through the tapes, and seeing what kind of story we can weave together. Man, the footage looks good. I think we've really got something here...

Today we shot the Alley scene, despite a very uncooperative local Everett resident of a certain apartment building across the street from the hockey arena. Just as we were all set up and ready to go, this helpful person chased us off the set and threatened to call the cops, etc., you know, the usual helpful things people like that are all about. But despite this, we found another fine old-looking building, and managed to capture some really great stuff. Wait until you see it !

Rebekah Morrison has joined the production today as the Young Woman. We went to the costume shop, and got everything set up for the shoot next week. We're very happy to have her aboard!

Well, we wrapped up shooting at the Nicoli's today. We've got most of the film in the can now, and it looks sooooo good !!! It was terribly convenient of them to have a glowing pentagram in their basement. We have such good luck finding locations, don't we? Also, Ken Bolding joined the crew as a Production Assistant. Welcome aboard, Ken!

Production has officially started today!!! We packed up everything and headed over to the Nicoli's. Ray and Ariana are sooooo generous to let us come over and mess up their home. Erick Robertson, of The Thing On The Doorstep fame, joined on as a Production Assistant, along with Brian Seldt, artist extrordinare! We're quite lucky to have their help...thanks, guys !

Well, the pentagram is finished! We fired up the thing, uttered a few spells, and it seems to work great. We sure hope Ray can figure out how to get that shoggoth to go back in now.

Set construction began today over at the home of Ray and Ariana Nicoli. Some may recognize them as two of the Art Crowd in Pickman's Model. They have graciously offered up their abode to be transformed into Dr. Reid's house. And they don't seem to mind opening a portal to hell in the basement either....what nice folks! Dave Hiney and Don Lapora, two more Pickman's Model alummni, joined the crew today, and helped Ray construct a masterpiece of a pentagram in the basement. It works so well, that Ray's dog, the aptly named 'Dante', refuses to go near the thing.

After a fun day of working on a secret Maelstrom Productions shoot (you'll have to come to this year's HPLFF to see what it is), we scouted out locations in Everett. Kelly Young showed us some great looking alleys which will work quite well, and he agreed to join the production team and help make this film something special. Thanks, Kelly!

Today we're pleased to announce that Jenna Gardner, of CuriousConcoction.com, has joined the team! She'll be creating the titles and inter-titles for the film. She's an amazing artist, and will surely come up with some awesome stuff. We can't wait to see 'em!

The Master Scene Script is now available on-line. You can access it from the menu at the left. We will update this with the shooting script when it's available. In other news, we'd like to wish our star, Alan Wilkie, a very, scary birthday!!!

Today, we are pleased to announce that Eric Morgret has signed on as Director of Photography for the film. Anyone that has seen his previous efforts, such as The Thing On The Doorstep, knows what he's capable of, so this is a big boon to the production.

The website is now online !!! Welcome to the web home for THE SUMMONING. We'll keep you posted on our progress as we forge ahead on this exciting project. Here's the basic facts: 'The Summoning' will be a short (5-7 min.) silent film, which tells the tale of the last few hours of Dr. Reid's life. Some of you might remember Dr. Reid as one of Richard Pickman's adversarial collegues from Pickman's Model. Well, he's returned...just in time to say good bye forever. It's an homage to the great silent classics like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Faust, The Golem, and Haxan. We are also pleased to announce that Alan Wilkie will be reprising his role as Dr. Reid, as well as John Williams Lynch once again taking on the guise as Richard Upton Pickman, aka 'the Dark Figure.' It should be fun....stayed tuned for more. Cheers !!!!

(c)2004, Dark Whisper Films